Gold, since time immemorial, is the material most desired by all human beings . So much so that, over time, it was used to mint the circulation coins of practically all the countries in the world. However, since this system ceased to be functional, it began to be stored in banks with the purpose of serving as collateral for the money that circulated in a certain territory.

This system was in force until not too long ago. In fact, it was the various economic crises experienced in recent decades that led to its abandonment . However, gold has not ceased to be extremely coveted by investors . And it is that, in times of difficulty, it is a refuge value whose price has been rising for many years and whose decreases are minimal.

The reality is that if you are looking for a safe element in which to invest your savings to obtain a good investment, you are interested in buying gold . However, there are quite a few things that you should keep in mind. For this reason, on this occasion, we are going to explain to you how much a gram of gold is worth, which is the standardized unit used for its sale, and other related issues that will be very useful for you.

How Much Does a Gram of Gold Cost?

There are several types of gold , as you well know. This, in general, is determined based on its purity, which is expressed in carats. Next, we are going to explain what percentage of purity corresponds to each one:

  • 24 carats : 100% purity
  • 22 carats : 91.7% purity
  • 21.6 carats : 90% purity
  • 18 carats : 75% purity
  • 14 carats : 58.5% purity
  • 12 carats : 50% purity
  • 10 carats : 41.7% purity
  • 9 carats : 37.5% purity
  • 8 carats : 33.3% purity

In addition, in order to guarantee that the gram of gold you have bought has the amount of carats and, consequently, the purity that you have been promised, you must pay attention to the code it displays. For example, 24-karat gold must be marked 999 , while 18-karat gold must be marked 750. In the world of jewelry, this number is often stamped on the reverse.

Another relevant aspect is the way in which gold is presented. In this sense, the one that is listed on the stock market must necessarily be in coins or ingots, which are the two most important formats. Likewise, when gold is found in jewelry, its price is lower . This is mainly due to the fact that it is considered ‘snatched’ from the stock market and that, in many cases, it is very difficult to determine its complete authenticity, so buyers tend to make low offers.

In addition, it is presumable that the gold used in jewelry has been melted down and subjected to various goldsmith works that have damaged its intrinsic qualities, so its value must also be less than that used in the Stock Market, which is kept purer and less manufactured.

In any case, since the fluctuations in the price are minimal at the moment and that the gold is quite stabilized , we can say that, approximately, that a gram of gold is worth depending on the carats that the following possesses:

  • 24 carat gold € 54.23 / g
  • 22 carat gold € 49.73 / g
  • 21.6 carat gold € 48.81 / g
  • 18-carat gold € 40.67 / g
  • 14 carat gold € 31.72 / g
  • 12 carat gold € 27.12 / g
  • 10 carat gold € 22.61 / g
  • 9 carat gold € 20.34 / g
  • 8 carat gold € 18.06 / g

Remember that, when elucidating how much is a gram of gold, you must take into account that these values ​​are approximate since they can fluctuate every day . However, they will be very useful to get an idea about your investment possibilities based on the capital you currently have.

How Much is a Gram of Gold Currently?

This is a rather difficult question to discern since the price of gold is variable . In fact, its value is listed on the stock market, so if you want to know it instantly, you have to go to a website that offers live results . In fact, the price varies every second, although it is true that, in Spain, an average daily value is used to determine how much a gram of gold costs .

On the other hand, you have to take into account that the gold that is traded on the stock market and based on which the price of the gram is established is 24-carat gold , that is, the one that has 100% purity in its composition. This, in addition, is taken as a reference to determine the value of the rest. However, you must also take into account that, despite this role of reference for 24-carat gold, the most commercialized paper both in Spain and in most countries in the world is 18-carat gold.

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Always Use Trusted Sites

Now that you know approximately how much a gram of gold is worth, we want to remind you that whenever you want to invest in this metal, you should do it in places that offer you the highest degree of confidence, since scams abound in this world. In this sense, at Drachma Metales de Inversión we can be of great help to find gold bars and gold coins that allow you to get the most out of your savings and your investment .

Likewise, in times of economic prosperity, it does not hurt to have gold in your possession. And it is that, since this metal tends to be constantly revalued and that the increases it experiences are especially visible during times of crisis, they are a safe value in your portfolio . In fact, they offer peace of mind and a much lower risk than any banking product that they can offer you. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people turn to it.